Fukushinkan Dojo

Fukushinkan Dojo

Located on the first floor of a cornered modern building opposite a park, entering from a pedestrian. Two long balconies on the two sides of the flat and nine large window-doors. With a 70sqm mat and area of 110sqm, a ground conditioning unit and three top side air ones, separate changing rooms for women-men, WC, shower facilities, waiting area, office desk and first aid room.

Fukushinkan Dojo's Sensei with Doshu

Fukushinkan Dojo's Sensei with Doshu

Photos of Fukushinkan Dojo's Sensei Babis Keranis 6th Dan Akikai with Doshu and some of the greatest Aikido Sensei's.


Seminars - Lectures - Gordon Jones

Seminar with Gordon Jones Shihan, 6th Dan Aikikai, Principal of U.K.A, in Fukushinkan Dojo.


"Aikido is the way of nonresistance and is therefore undefeatable from the start. Fast and slow are of no consequence. Merely by having the intention to fight with one who embodies the universal law, they have fixed their mind on violating the harmony of nature itself. The person with evil or malicious feeling is defeated before he makes the first move. The contest has already been decided"



Welcome to the Hellenic Aikido Association

Hellenic Aikido Association is officially recognized by the AIKIKAI FOUNDATION, Aikido World Headquarters and uses the Fukushinkan Dojo as its headquarters.

We hope that this site will serve as an information point not only for the Assosiation's activities but for Aikido in general. In the site's pages you can find information regarding Aikido, its founders and their history and various material which can be used to better understand its philosophy.


Τhe Hellenic Aikido Association is officially recognised as a qualified Aikido organisation by the Aikikai Foundation Aikido World Headquarters Tokyo Japan. This recognition enables the Hellenic Aikido Association to obtain internationally registered and recognised ranks and titles for qualified students.


Akikai Foundation


FukuShinKan Dojo, 12 Davaki st.and 18 Mylpotamou st., 1st floor
Mobile phone: 694-7544557 (Monday - Friday 12:00 - 20:00)
Email : hellenicaikidoassociationjagcc12@yahoo.com