"Aikido is the way of nonresistance and is therefore undefeatable from the start. Fast and slow are of no consequence. Merely by having the intention to fight with one who embodies the universal law, they have fixed their mind on violating the harmony of nature itself. The person with evil or malicious feeling is defeated before he makes the first move. The contest has already been decided"



Demonstration for Dan Gradings

At the HAA, demonstration for dan gradings are being held in Fukushunkan Dojo. In order to participate in the demonstration aikidokas must:

a) be up to date with their subscription fees
b) have completed the required number of hours prior to the demonstration
c) have discussed their intentions with the sensei

The demonstration is carried out based on the requirements for Dan gradings of AIKIKAI FOUNDATION Aikido World Headquarters


Akikai Foundation


FukuShinKan Dojo, 12 Davaki st.and 18 Mylpotamou st., 1st floor
Mobile phone: 694-7544557 (Monday - Friday 12:00 - 20:00)
Email : hellenicaikidoassociationjagcc12@yahoo.com